International Trade Agency specialize in the high-volume supply of quality products for manufacturers. Our range includes spring units, steel wire, steel tubes and profiles, foam, fabric, and felts, all of prestigious standard. 

Our product range includes components that are typically used in the furniture and bedding industry, and the automotive industry. Other industries that we work with include construction, geo-textile, clothing and footwear. 


Spring Units

This collection includes classic stable and sturdy bonnel units, pocket units with flexible rows of springs, as well as cosiflex spring units, super lastic spring units, and ofset units. Can be used for furniture, mattresses, car seats, and more. 

Steel Wire

We have high quality steel wire available according to your needs. We can supply wire from 1.25-5.00mm in diameter, which is stored on rolls. Whatever diameter you need, you can order rolls between 100kg and 700kg, and expect a quick delivery time from us. 

Steel Tubes & Profiles

Primarily used to construct frames during manufacture, International Trade Agency have a number of designs of steel tubing available, at your required lengths. We supply square, rectangular, industrial, oval, towel warmer tubes, and a number of special designs. 


We specialize in providing the most comfortable and technologically advanced foam on the planet, available in many different forms, and in large volumes. Our range includes visco form, high form, dura, flexi, soft, flaret, megacell, mould, and bondex. 


International Trade Agency supply bulk order fabrics for the manufacturing of furniture, bedding, and more. These fabrics are the finest of their kind, and we have a full range to accommodate your needs and preferences. 


Finish off your furniture with the finest felt available anywhere, at competitive prices and delivered as needed. 


All of our products are of the highest standard, and we can arrange a volume and frequency of order that is perfectly in rhythm with the operations of your business. 

Our aim is to accommodate your needs, and help you to manufacture the best products, at prices that leave the highest profit margins. 


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International Trade Agency are a leading supplier of high quality steel, foam, and fabric products for manufacturers in a number of industries.

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